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YoulDesign is not only supporting Bitcoin by accepting it as payment on this site, but also spread the word trough paintings.

It’s often an actualized and bitcoinized version of famous olds paintings, as it will take his place in this old world.


My first one was a « Starcraft like » graffiti (80x30cm) still available in the shop as limited signed prints of all canvas !







Then a commissioned Bitcoin last Supper (Acrylic on natural linen canvas 140×70 cm) from the « Cène » by Leonard De Vinci (currently in Andora).



The next one was a commissioned « Les mineurs » (Acrylic on natural linen canvas 126×90 cm) from « les joureurs de cartes » by Paul Cézanne (currently in Singapour).

09_les_mineurs_youl_step7        Paul_Cézanne_-_Les_Joueurs_de_cartes

Another recent one is a commissioned « Crypto Liberty » (Acrylic on canvas 110×84 cm) from « La liberté guidante le peuple » d’eugène Delacroix (currently in Vancouver).

Liberte_Bitcoin_YoulDesign_1600i        1024px-Eugène_Delacroix_-_La_liberté_guidant_le_peuple

The following painting is a crypto version of social realism art for a private collection in Vancouver.

Crypto_Trump_YoulDesign_1280       3753102024_a2250ea74c

Another crypto version of social realism art for a private collection in Vancouver.


Here is a crypto version of a R.Goodwin canadian painting, about old and new trading, represented by the Dash token.


I’m currently on a new painting about traders and Dash from an old painting of Moby Dick.


Deluxe llimited (/15) and signed art prints of all paintings are still available at the shop ! order now !

You can also order some 3printed Bitcoin stuff in the shop !!


I’m open for the next commission just contact me 🙂

Here is a gallery with steps and more :

Some news about my work :

coindesk__youl_lastsupper_1newsbtc_youl_lastsupper cryptonews_youl_lastsupper coindesk_youl_lastsupper_2  lavoiedubitcoin_youldesignbitcoinx_youl_lastsupper

La voie du Bitcoin :

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La voie du Bitcoin:ères-sacrés6

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Thank you !

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